“A young man dances with an articulated, life-sized wooden marionette within the glow of a spotlight (the source of the strong shadows in the drawings). It is one of the most linear of Wright’s videos, which tend to be fragmented collages of imagery, at times accompanied by jittery avant-garde music. The pace in One Dances is slow and careful, with the only sound being the tap of the doll on the floor and the distant hum of traffic. The man struggles slightly with the unyielding awkwardness of his partner, but overall the work is a series of elegant gestural studies, a process of negotiation between animate and inanimate, as well as an element of the danse macabre, a reminder of the transience of youth, and of life.” Russell Storer

‘One dances’ takes on three forms, as a colour video, a black and white film and as a set of three drawings.

Installation of ‘One Dances’
at GRANTPIRRIE, Sydney 2004

One Dances, 2003.
Installation in artist studio,
acrylic on paper, 200 x 200cm each
Photo: Carl Warner.

One Dances, 2003, video, 15 mins.
Actors: Luke Wright
Camera: Peter Wright