Intimate Dialogues, Jan Manton Gallery

Intimate Dialogues, Judith Wright,  Jan Manton Gallery
30 Mar 2022 – 24 Apr 2022

Photos: Carl Warner

In Intimate Dialogues, I’ve come back to my earlier interests. I’ve always been interested in the vulnerability of the human condition in times of love and loss. Communication and dialogue are necessary tools for trying to heal from, and come to terms with, those situations. These works have various reference points to ‘carnival’ and myth. They also introduce animal imagery as a way of connecting with the animal world, beyond our established human connections with each other, our families, and our friends. It’s a new metaphor in my work simply because I’m becoming more conscious of our deteriorating natural environments, and the role that humans have had in this. By embracing the animal world, I hope to broaden our human-to-human dialogue to a wider sphere of knowing and being.