In Praise of Darkness:
Conversations with the Father

“In Praise of Darkness: Conversations with the Father, there are two videos – conversations with the mother and conversations with the father – in which the real and the surreal are juxtaposed once again. In the first, the camera opens on a close-up of the white-grey hair of the son (bizarrely similar to the artist’s own distinctive grey hair). The camera shifts then to the face of a doll – a living, breathing doll – whose exhalations are both fascinating and repellent….There is no need for conversation, for everything is understood.

In the second video, a boy’s hand reaches out and takes the wooden hand of a doll, its articulated fingers held together with iron nails. When the camera pulls back to reveal the fair shining hair of the youth, the effect is immediate and shocking… It is a moment filled with almost unbearable yearning, a scene of heartache and longing, of a desire for connection that can only end in disappointment.”

Wright has painted a series of works on paper Relative Conversations, that, while they compliment the videos, also can be viewed quite separately.”

Dr Candice Bruce

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In Praise of Darkness:
Conversations with the Father, 2006. Video stills.

‘Relative Conversations’, 2006, 200x200cm. Photographs: Carl Warner